Monday, June 8, 2009

dw_uncensored pic.jpg

The most downloaded pic in our website was the one I cropped out from a promo collage. It had only 57 kb size so the details were not satisfactory. The other day I received an email from a Brazilian. He was able to get hold of the original photo sent around by the GOF promo people- it was 144 kb in size & the details are far better. It still bears its original name- 'dw_uncensored pic'. The Brazilian shared his frustration- like me, he bought the film on the strength of this picture while on vacation in the US, but was irked when he didn't see any trace of it in the film. Well, I've cooled down since then & I'm actually discovering now the green shoots from the experience. I could trace my irritation way back when I bought Gods of Sport & found it to be mangled by the pretentious imagination of its creative people. The lackluster Gods of Football DVD only revived & stoked it worse. But I can now breathe lightly & see the improvements.

Don't you admire the color of the Gods of Football promo photos? I've just had enough of the monotonous black-&-white of Dieux du Stade images. As it turns out, as more & more promo pictures are released in better resolution, you can't help but admire the images from GOF. It turns out the strength of the 2009 enterprise is its color images (moreover, don't forget, the most interesting parts came out from the images, proof is dw-uncensored pic.jpg). I've just about have forgiven Pedro Virgil for the lousy coffee table book. I almost wish they start another fundraising project- a paid photographic website featuring the photographs of the nude athletes, from way back 2006 to the present (Yes, they can include the unreleased Gods of Sport images but in their original colors & no digitally mangled ones should be retained). A coffee table book has never been satisfactory- if you're a photography buff like me, you're not satisfied by a few selected shots. You need the train of images & absorb the nuances & details (of course, they can still release a coffee table book, only 200 shots out of thousands exposed are needed anyway; the trick is, you cover all the needs of the market). More than 80 Rugby men have posed since the start & that number is far bigger than those of paid photographic sites like Ryanboydmodels. 80 folders of 50 images minumum of each athlete is a very good start. The time for a nude sportsmen website is long overdue. That they are spectacular Rugby men makes it more special. Moreover, it will be a continuing fundraising project year round. There's not much overhead; instead of storing the images in the archives, they are made to work for their original purpose- raise funds for charity.

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