Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jonny Wilkinson, Off to France, Next Dieux Du Stade?

Second to Beckham, the Rugby Superstar is considered the most popular athlete in Britain. The latest news is that he's off to Toulon in France, the club which recently got included in the Top 14 in that country, the prime man candy festival of Rugby in the world. Well, Johnny is already 30 years old, he hasn't been photographed totally nude before (I mean, frontal of course; all the British players who appeared at DDS did frontal, partially & totally , like the most famous of them all, Sean Lamont. Appearing & doing no frontal would be a total disgrace to the British reputation). The Dieux Du Stade people better move for the coup de grace. You know how fast a man goes downhill after 30.

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