Sunday, May 31, 2009

HE SHOULD BE IN DIEUX DU STADE: Christian Brink of Lyn FC Oslo

I don't know why the Dieux du Stade people have been snubbing the Norwegian sportmen models of Norwegian photographer John Andresen. Mr. Andresen has this sadist streak, as can be seen from the last photo- he not only totally darkened the essential parts, he had to barricade as extra measure the whole thing with that superfluous CONFIDENTIAL watermark (the photographic equivalent of the finger- this one is angry at his viewers for whatever reason). Christian Brink needs more exposure from serious people (total frontal exposure, actually). This one should have been asked to guest a long time ago in Dieux du Stade. A football player for the Oslo elite club Lyn, his contract ends in 2009. He may be on the look-out for more options, & let's assure him his cock is a big option. For a change, we need somebody lean, tall & muscular like him, with really strong legs (& surely equally strong short leg in between). He's now 26, he was 24 when these photos were taken. Those butt muscles must be steel-hard now.

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