Sunday, May 10, 2009

GODS OF FOOTBALL 2009: Tales from Hickville, Oz Outback

I'm always excited by a new entrant in my favorite genre, Nude Sportsmen, especially now that the original Dieux du Stade is getting stale. Though I'm disappointed with their first DVD, it's obvious I'm still trying to help the Aussie Gods of Football people by featuring their models who are practically ignored by international blogs barely months after the release. But why do I have a feeling I shouldn't be having high hopes?
I don't know if there is a Hicksville in the Outback but I feel some people behind GOF came from that town. Consider this. I just read in a forum they are going to release the DVD in the US on May 19. Sure enough, I checked & there's really a May 19 release by Ariztical. It has been released worldwide since early this year & you can buy it half-price at Amazon for months now! Who in his right mind would buy a product on a later date if he could buy it at half the price now? Perhaps the out-of-works who'll find jobs then? Somebody must be looking for an excuse for the low sales & trying to band-aid his way by saying they haven't released it yet so wait for the final receipts from wherever whenever.
That got me thinking to the record of this group. Their first 2 calendars (2006, 2007) were actually good, the second one recycled from a good start. 2008 revealed their faltering over-ambition when they released Gods of Sport, a 220 page of pretentiously lit & just as pretensiously body-painted nude & semi-nude men. Somebody in their team thought that their creative genius was more important than the buffed bodies so they destroyed the images of what could have been spectacularly built men. I still have to finish looking over all the pictures a year after, it's that boring & artificial . But, wait, it's their first book, let's give them a chance, they'll do better next time. (I guess they should conceptualize less & just simply take good photos. I don't trust so much Pedro Virgil anymore. After that Gods of Sport debacle came this. When I first saw their pictures, I ignored Beau Ryan, Andrew Welsh & Matt Ballin. After seeing the video, I was amazed at how spectacular they actually looked. Virgil goes by pretending he has these florid concepts but often falls short of what is really needed in this kind of endeavor- to give CONSISTENTLY good shots of the men. Undeserved overrated reputations are cracked by big projects. How about rotating other known photographers a la Dieux du Stade, there must be many in Australia). 2009 saw their calendar of brief-clad men & you say, oh, it's their first bad calendar, give them a break. The market is saturated with nude men, they may only be developing a brief fetish market. Then they release that DVD which I described in my first post, & oh, yes, it's their first DVD, give them a leash. Aren't they suppose to make a big splash in their first outings to dazzle everybody? Do they suppose they can James Bond-racetrack themselves in lieu of plain old raunchy nudity & get away with it?

There's something in their press release that caught my eye: develop Gods of Football as a Aussie GLOBAL brand. Really? I'm beginning to think there by that they mean the Outback.

CEO Max Guazzini of Stade Francais created Dieux du Stade as a marketing tool for Rugby in France. The charity part was just a moral justification but he was able to convince superstars like Christopher Domenici, Agustin Pichot, Christopher Moni, Thomas Lombard, etc. to show their schlongs so Dieux du Stade hit it big EARLY in the game. It didn't only increase attendance among women & gays in Rugby matches but there were other successful side endeavors like T-shirts & other merchandises to the world besides the calendars, posters & videos. Rugby is now the second biggest spectator sports in France (& in a lot of countries with no Rugby but watch on cable & online) & a lot of that can be attributed to DDS. The Australian Rugby League officials should be more involved in this kind of endeavor so that Aussie Rugby can be promoted not only in their territory. It's their chance because the Setanta coverage in America is not really taking off. As it is, the current creative team of GOF seems not up to the job. I am somewhat anxious of entrusting those spectacular Australian athletes, they are bound to be damaged by the hicky, over-the-top conceptualisizing of the team. I don't know if I'm too quick to judge them but I'm only venting out supressed dismays for the past 2 years (is 2 years too quick or time to stay away?). But not only are they fumbling in conceptualizing but in marketing their products as well. Their chosen vehicle Ariztical is mainly a gay-oriented distributor & it may be too late. I think, despite the pretensions of being geared primarily for women, gays are usually the first to consume these kinds of products & the fact they haven't been jumping nor aren't jumping yet at the half-price is saying a lot.

Australia has the best-looking Rugby athletes in the world & they better be not wasted by pretentious overconceptualisizing from hicktowns.


  1. They were just trying to "out-imagine" Dieux du Stade, because the latter was simple & stark, not wanting to detract attention of the viewer much from the nude models, while the Aussies tried to razzle-dazzle with views & what not. They thought more distraction is better. Like what they did with the body paint in Gods of Sports, the creative team want to compete attention with the nude models themselves

  2. Hey, we hav the same name. I like the title of your blog, The Non-Exclusive Hetero. But I'm bi, are you BI too?