Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gods of Football 2009: A Review

Without doubt, the Australian athletes are more goodlooking than their Dieux du Stade counterparts in DDS 2009. I now come to learn that the players are really well-known in Australia as well so the DVD may have generated a buzz among the rugby fans in that country. How about those that don't know them (w/c is mostly the world outside Australasia), will they care & get past the reviews that mostly bemoan the lack of full frontal nudity? Perhaps because of the recent disappointments w/ the DDS franchise in the past couple of years which, after attracting many to patronize it early on by featuring daring athletes to go all the way, it is now a tired tiltillation franchise. I don't know if the Aussies researched well the market temperature beforehand, but it's obvious their DVD was met with tepid response outside its country of origin. Even if you surf the web, you can only see promotional efforts but no raving reviews from those who actually saw it, as what happened when DDS first appeared, it flooded the blogs. Simply nobody is reviewing GOF in the blogs. Outside of that of Amazon, I think this is the only other longish review of the DVD.
Why? Actually, I heared of this DVD only recently when I happened to see a picture of David Williams with the upper 2/3 of his dick showing (w/ a ''Gods of Football'' watermark so it was a promo pic from the producers). I surfed more & I saw variations of that picture w/ only a half-inch showing (it was in the International calendar) or none (NRL calendar). Actually I never saw the first picture again, most of the promo pics are the latter. What happened? Didn't the inch of Nick Youngquest promote their first calendar & the latter's modelling career worldwide, imagine what 2 1/2 inches could have done? In that first day of surfing, I also saw a picture of Courtney Johns lying in a divan with the upper half of his penis not covered by a ball, almost 2 inches all. I only saw that pic in one website. It was in the montage included in the calendar but it was so small you can't see the thing. The high resolution of a pic of Michael Osborne can also show a side partial glimpse of his dick. This is included again in the montage but again it's so small you can't see anything there. In the calendars, Sandor Earl & again Courtney Johns showed bits of their dicks. They weren't circulated at all for promo while the ''ordinary'' rest dominated the promotional push.
So it's obvious the producers did try to be daring by taking & releasing some pictures initially but they seemed to get cold feet (or wasn't thinking right) along the way. The crux of the problem is since they released promo & calendar materials showing bits of dicks, why did they hide them in the film (except for the sole consolation- the base of the penis of Michael Sullivan)? They're already only dishing out mere bits, but even those they take them away from you in the main course (if they hyprocritically don't want to highlight the dicks in the end, why did they take & release them for promo in the first place? Or why did they even enter this endeavor at all?) . You could have forgiven them if at least you saw in the film what you saw in their promo & calendar pics. Yeah, only bits but anyway it's their first try so you can be understanding, perhaps they'll go all out next time. But they already left you hanging this time around. Seething.(It was obvious the pics were not accidental but consensual: David raised his right arm to his chest providing full access to the camera, if he wanted to protect he could have placed forward his right thigh & pushed back his butt like what Matt Ballin did in his calendar pic; the ball was placed somewhat in the left side of Courtney's penis so his penis was pushed to the side towards the camera on his right -if he refused to show anything, the ball could've been placed over his dick). Moreover, those pics were released as promo!!!

What happened was when people heared there's no full frontal nudity, most passed. People have become jaded after 6 years of a degenerating DDS. I only persisted after seeing the abovementioned pics of Courtney Johns & David Williams. No traces of them in the film. The only good result was I got interested in Aussie rugby. & believe me, the real thing could be sexier than the DVD. Asses galore (they call it ''dacking''). My favorite team is Brisbane Lions not because they're good but because of Justin Sherman, the best butt in the world, this one should be made more daring in the next DVD. The world should know him.

The producers have to decide if they want to capture only the Aussie fans. But that's too small. Outside a bigger market means there's a different set of dynamics. Simply, in this genre, if you really want to accumulate a big amount for charity from an international market, ''it's the dick stupid''...

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