Thursday, May 21, 2009


This blog is barely two weeks old but the demographics of our readers have changed dramatically in the second week. The Australians dominated the first week, but in the second week, there was a spike in readership from the United States (50x the Aussie numbers) & Europe (35x the Aussies). What's interesting with the latter is how they came to us, via Google search for "Dieux du Stade + Calendar". So there's an upsurge of interest on Dieux du Stade lately? Ah, I remember, there's a news item about the selection of Tony Duran as the photographer for Dieux Du Stade 2010 (actually, they've finished shooting in April yet, some are probably fishing for the first pics). You know, DDS is almost stale, but there are interesting elements for this year's calendar. One, the all-time favorite Clement Poitrenaud may return- he showed 2 inches of the base of his penis in DDS 2008, I wonder if he will do more this time around. Mark Gasnier & Nick Youngquest are in France, Johnny Wilkinson is there too. I guess some sort of suspense is building up. I just hope the DDS people won't disappoint us again.

The biggest downloads in this blog are the pics of the cocks of David Williams & Courtney Johns but not far behind them are those of Clement Poitrenaud & Maxime Medard, both members of the 2009 French National Team for the 2009 Six Nations Tournament. Yes, Maxime Medard, I just posted one black-and-white grainy photo barely showing hints of pubes & I never thought he was really very popular, most likely among our European readers. Well, lucky for us, Maxime was included in that classic Dieux Du Stade 2007 where he showed bits of his balls & the base his cock.

DDS isn't primarily a fund-raising enterprise, more as a PR campaign for Rugby itself by the openly gay Max Guazini, the Stade Francais CEO. The real money comes from the generated popularity of the game & the other consequent side concerns like T-shirt, videos, calendars & posters are just side-benefits. The charity part appears to be just a moral bandaid for the whole enterprise. You may also be wondering why the base of penis thing is de rigueur: well, you really aren't satisfied watching the base of the penis of your sport idol in that small clip; after being tiltilated in that small screen, you are bound to buy the DVD & watch it in a big screen to savor the whole thing (the hairs & the veins) better. Talking about subtlety in marketing!

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