Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dieux du Stade 2007

The standard with which the genre should measure itself. When it came out, there were some minor controversies (I am sure not from the loyal buyers of DDS through the years) because of alleged ''excesive nudity'' but it proved to be the most popular in the franchise. The decision to tone down the 2008 version led to disaffection from a big portion of the market. They tried to rally somewhat in 2009 (it actually had many fleeting frontals, I counted 6) but the fact that it couldn't measure up to the 2007 version has safely assured the continued snob by turned-off fans. Many were actually counting on the Aussies to give second wind to the genre with their new DVD but the naive decision to play it tame isn't winning any loyalty outside of that country. I bet they didn't intend to make that a for-Aussie-only brand, it's too small a market for a product that could have worldwide potentials.

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