Thursday, May 14, 2009

David William' Facebook Needs You

It's weird, I don't know if my counter is nuts but it says here I have 125,564 hits in 6 1/2 days. 110,000 plus for the last 2 days (I have a feeling it's because of David William's dick?). For a blog which I started because it rained on my vacation, that's stunning. Yep, I had no plans to start one, just came out of the blue because of the stormy weather in our tropical paradise . We're in Asia now with my best friend S. We were here a decade ago as volunteers (we're both medical doctors) & we met a local doctor who became our close friend. So close we share a certain email ad. He had this email ad solely for his gay Yahoo groups & he gave us the passwords so we access that from anywhere in the world, all of us three are members of around 100 groups which accumulated through the years (the name used in the email ad belonged to another local doctor who's heterosexual but which our friend hates because he called him a fag so without the clown knowing, this macho doctor is asking for nude male photos online from 2 continents). Three bisexual doctors in a reunion vacation for a month but it's been stormy. We had nothing to do but to surf online until S discovered the photo of David Williams above. We wanted to buy the DVD right away (we haven't read yet there's no frontal) but we were unsure as to what receiving address to put. We were hesitant to have a beefcake DVD delivered by a nosy chambermaid to a suiteful of three macho-looking gentlemen, two of them Caucasians (yeah, yeah, only a few know we're bisexuals). S always had the solution- he emailed randomly in the Yahoo groups for links. Most replied they're not interested with the DVD, some never heard of it, but after two days, two files arrived from Australia- one full DVD rip links & the other, converted Ipod file links. We downloaded both, one we watched in the laptop, the other I put into my Iphone. We had read then that there was no frontal. I was the only one who finished watching it. Not because it was spectacular but better to look at some ass than listen to the endless rain. But I guess there's another reason. I grew up in a neighborhood of Anglo-Saxon types & the ubiquity has rubbed off some of the appeal. I have always been a Mediterranean type fan. David Williams is the first Aussie, girl or boy, who really, really got me horny, the others like Justin Sherman, William Witt & Beau Ryan only came after him (I don't know if this is only a fad because of the stormy weather but let's see. Even my attraction to males come in cycles- when my attraction to females are at its strongest, I ignore the biggest dicks. Furthermore, after a week, I'm not so hot watching Aussie Rugby matches anymore, I found out most of the other players aren't easy on the eyes after all). So when the storm hasn't abated, S & R, the local guy, surfed the forums while I started this blog. Now 120,000 people are reading me. And the sun returned. (BTW, since I collect these things, I'll buy the DVD when I return to LA, I have a drop box for things like this).

115,000 plus downloaded the pic of David's cock but in his Facebook account, there are only 300 fans & he wrote in the wall, he wants to have more than Brett Stewart's. Poor guy, he showed the world his wiener & nobody says thank you. Go checkout his Facebook, the link is below then join. You owe him that much for feasting over his dick.



  1. are you serious? the facebook fanpage isnt set up or run by david it is a fan page. anybody can make a fan page for facebook. for anything...water.....soup...or ill informed people like you

  2. are you serious? the page is from David, he chickened out, he deleted his post in the wall that he wanted more fans than Brett's. He shouldn't be.. if he's bummed out that a pic of his dick is out, it's not a fault of this blog. I only featured pics that also came from the Internet. I didn't even bother to scan the video file. That pic came from the publicity drive of the producers.
    Anyway, he shouldn't be bothered. Most of those who downloaded are apparently closeted, they won't out themselves by revealing their Facebook accounts.

  3. haha he wouldnt be bummed, he doesnt care about nudity and it isnt from him. i made the fanpage. anyway hes a rich football star with a perfect bod and huge cock. put the full nude pic up if u have it.

  4. Well, I'm not exactly born yesterday. AS to his apparent lack of concern for nudity, well, the better for us to see it on DVD next time. But I happened to see a clip of his interview on the TOday Show where the interviewer asked him that "though he was mascaped everywhere else, he seems to be still a Wolfman in the most private places." David was obviously taken aback but he replied he didn't think he was shot in places he didn't know. THe interviewer then said:"You never know". So you see he didn't expect this pic to come out, but it's obvious now that's the pattern of behavior of the producers, secrets behind-the-scenes come out for publicity, without the knowledge of the athletes themselves apparently, as was apparent with the replies of David to the interviewer(& as apparent in the pics I posted at the post WHO SAID AUSSIE RUGBY PLAYERS CAN'T SHOW COCK?). That's what's holding me from releasing the full nudity photo. I'm not as unscrupulous as you think. I'm only releasing photos that's there already in the public space. But if circumstances indicate there's free will in everybody, why not?
    So stop your charade- you can tell David to continue with his Facebook. Nobody is fooling anybody

  5. btw, David used a word that made me pause awhile- "under the garments". He thought his jewels were tucked under the garments but apparently they were already flying "en flagrante" out of the publicity machine of GOF into the Internet

    I only saw the interview yesterday so it just gave me the new perspective now

  6. lol you're a fucking loser!
    with no idea about anything!
    either post the pic or shut the fuck up!

  7. hey, lindsey or whoever,
    There are 3 people behind this blog & we disagree on some things. One, I'm all in favor of the producers releasing all the behind-the-scenes photos (in fact, that's the only thing I praise them for so far) & I really believe David Williams is an exhibitionist & if he ever he has initial trepidations, the publication of those photos will liberate him & encourage him to do more. In time, you'll see the photo. No definite plans with this blog yet; after our vacation & back to our professions, what?
    Our current problem is this- we're currently in heterosexual mode, we only have 2 weeks for our vacation & for the past 2 nights, we've been sleeping with girls & here we are we have to maintain this blog of nude men. In fact, we had two Aussie tourists (really hot girls) the other night & S was probably flirting with you he tried to sound so reasonable & corny. I told him you may not be girl but a fag just to keep him silent, by the way (which is which?). Anyway, keep tab.

  8. Just to let you know, his name is David Williams, not William (as you have in the heading of the post) and the possessive form of his name should be Williams' or Williams's, not William's.