Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beau Ryan of West Tigers Australian National Rugby League

Facewise, this is one of the best. He didn't look well in the calendar photo though (the one holding the trophy). I ignored him initially, the nuances of his beauty wasn't captured well by their photographer but somehow, when I saw the video, I was struck by his beauty- it showed in the scans of the video by amateurs as you can see from the lower pictures & by the upper shots of him in the pitch. He also looked cheap in that jock, he should have been given a skimpier brief because of his relatively shorter thigh (a friend said he looked like an exotic dancer posing for a billboard photo to be displayed outside a Toronto gay bar). He was the most neglected of the great beauties in the cast- even the shape of his shaved pubes was out of place with the pic's concept- like a timid sparse Hitler's mustache peeping at a corner of the trophy.

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