Sunday, May 31, 2009

DIEUX DU STADE 2010: More Joe Van Niekerk Photos

God, he's really sexy & cute... I can't wait to see him take off everything...
I have a feeling I'll see his dick when the DVD comes out!

HE SHOULD BE IN DIEUX DU STADE: Christian Brink of Lyn FC Oslo

I don't know why the Dieux du Stade people have been snubbing the Norwegian sportmen models of Norwegian photographer John Andresen. Mr. Andresen has this sadist streak, as can be seen from the last photo- he not only totally darkened the essential parts, he had to barricade as extra measure the whole thing with that superfluous CONFIDENTIAL watermark (the photographic equivalent of the finger- this one is angry at his viewers for whatever reason). Christian Brink needs more exposure from serious people (total frontal exposure, actually). This one should have been asked to guest a long time ago in Dieux du Stade. A football player for the Oslo elite club Lyn, his contract ends in 2009. He may be on the look-out for more options, & let's assure him his cock is a big option. For a change, we need somebody lean, tall & muscular like him, with really strong legs (& surely equally strong short leg in between). He's now 26, he was 24 when these photos were taken. Those butt muscles must be steel-hard now.

HE SHOULD BE IN DEAUX DU STADE: Francois Steyn of the Sharks Currie Cup South Africa

He was noticed in the Rugby World Cup 2007 in Paris but it's a big surprise he hasn't been photographed nude yet. Somebody in Toulouse or Toulon should recruit him (he's the Samsung face in South Africa so add a hundred thousand euros), & voila-when he's caught in the French web, I bet he'll forget all his Afrikaner stolidness & start impressing his Gallic fans who more likely will play hard to impress (Bless them!) unless they get to know him deeper inside his uniforms.
Moreover, the owners have great faith in publicity like Max Guazzini of Stade Francais (Bless them!) & more than likely will pressure him to drop his briefs pronto (''Hey, dude, we need the publicity so that more will come to watch you play so we can pay your fat salary! Fat salary for your fat cock, so show it, you springbuck-cocked moron!'').

Full name Francois Philippus Lodewyk Steyn
Born May 14, 1987, Bloemfontein
Current age 22 years
Major teams Sharks, South Africa
Position Centre, Fly-half
Height 6 ft 3 in
Weight 220 lb
Dick 9 inches
Everything is big with this one... Btw the last entry is a just a guess (or wishful thinking? Whatever)


7 members of the French National Team for the 2009 Six Nations Tournaments have posed nude for Dieux du Stade but the Italians aren't far behind. 6 of them have posed nude for DDS & all of the 6 have done partial frontal nudity at least (Andrea Marcato has done a split-second frontal in front of the mirror in Dieux du Stade 2007 while Gonzalo Canale had a lengthier half-shaft frontal in the same film; Matteo Pratichetti showed his penile base in DDS 2008 while the other 3 are overexposed fixtures & have shown varying bits of their genitals through the years).

Italy's squad for their 2009 summer tour

Backs Player Position Club

Pablo Canavosio Scrum-half Viadana

Simon Picone Scrum-half Treviso

Craig Gower Fly-half Bayonne

Luke McLean Fly-half Calvisano
Gonzalo Canale Centre Clermont- x

Gonzalo Garcia Centre Calvisano

Gilberto Pavan Centre Overmach Parma

Roberto Quartaroli Centre Overmach Parma

Mirco Bergamasco Wing Stade Français- x

Matteo Pratichetti Wing Calvisano- x

Kaine Robertson Wing Viadana
Andrea Marcato Fullback Treviso- x

Giulio Rubini Fullback Overmach Parma

Forwards Player Position Club

Leonardo Ghiraldini Hooker Calvisano

Franco Sbaraglini Hooker Treviso

Matías Agüero Prop Saracens

Martin Castrogiovanni Prop Leicester

Salvatore Perugini Prop Toulouse

Fabio Staibano Prop Castres

Marco Bortolami Lock Gloucester

Carlo Del Fava Lock Ulster

Quintin Geldenhuys Lock Viadana

Tommaso Reato Lock Rovigo

Mauro Bergamasco Flanker Stade Français - x

Simone Favaro Flanker Rovigo

Jean-François Montauriol Flanker Venezia Mestre

Josh Sole Flanker Viadana

Sergio Parisse (C) Number eight Stade Français- x

Alessandro Zanni Number eight Calvisano

Friday, May 29, 2009

Frontal Nudity 101

1. FULL- Sean Lamont, Dieux du Stade 2007

2. FULL, False Modesty variation: Sylvain Latellier, Dieux du Stade 2006

3. ALMOST FULL, Missing-Tip Variation (3/4)- David Williams, publicity photo for Gods of Football 2009

4. 1/2- Jerome Previtali, Dieux du Stade 2006

5. BASE of Penis-Bastien Siepilski, Dieux du Stade 2004; Clement Poitrenaud, Dieux du Stade 2008

6. Soap Suds- Jeremie Balais, Dieux du Stade 2004

6. Incomplete Cup, Balls Free- Mario Abramovic, Dieux du Stade 2008; Geoffroy Messina, Dieux du Stade 2007

7. Incomplete Cup, Base Free- Pierre-Alain Negre, Dieux du Stade 2004

8. Incomplete Cup, Base & Balls Free- Bryan Kenoe

9. Incomplete Cup, Dick Struggling To Be Free - Geoffroy Messina Dieux du Stade 2007

10. Incomplete Cup, Shaft Free- Yann Morand Bruyard, Dieux du Stade 2007

11. Teeny-weeny cloth- Daniel Brown, Dieux du Stade 2004

12. Half-Shaft Show- Sean Lamont, Dieux du Stade 2007

13. Full Back view- Frederic Cermeno, Dieux du Stade 2005

14. Full Sideview - Frederic Deltour, Dieux du Stade 2004

15. Wet Cloth- Frederic Cermeno, Dieux du Stade 2005

16. Wet briefs- Tyler Kenyon

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Kiwis Aren't Afraid To Show Their Dicks

Daniel Browne, Dieux du Stade 2004

Todd Feather, Dieux du Stade 2006

Et tu, Dan Carter?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

GODS OF FOOTBALL 2010: NRL Matt Balin Should Be Doing This

When he was chosen as Sexiest Man In League to pose naked for Gods of Football 2009, Matt Balin said he was very much honored for being chosen to bare for a good cause. I bet it will be a much, much biggger honor for him when he'll be asked shortly to do a Steve Tabary (from Dieux du Stade 2004) for the forthcoming Gods of Football 2010 (if the producers don't want another flop in their hands, that is):